- A -

Account - sample printout

Account definition

Account details screen

Account format

Account notes

Account selection

Account status

Accounts list

Accounts rendered

Add items

Advanced account selection criteria

Advanced payment selection criteria

AMA fee schedule

Archiving data

Assistance with anaesthesia

- B -

Backups - configuring

Backups - general notes

Backups - performing

Backups - restoring data

Bank deposit slip

IconBank deposit slip
IconPrinting banking slips
IconPrinting a list of payments

Bank deposit slip - sample printout


IconBank deposit slip
IconPrinting banking slips

Batch header

Batch payments

IconBatch payments
IconBatch payments

Beginner's guide

Billing service

Bounced cheque


- C -



Capitalising addresses

Change status manually

Choose a computer system

Close Access Anaesthetics

Compacting data


Co-payments - options

Co-payments - payment of

Co-payments - printing

Co-payments - sample printout

Copy address details

Copy item details

Copy operation details

Copy operation details -options

Copying & moving files

Create an account

IconCreate a new account
IconCreating a new account

Credit cards

IconPayment instructions
IconPayment instructions

- D -

Data check

Data security

Datasheet format - accounts

Datasheet format - payments

Datasheets - editing data in

Date formats

Date of birth

Date shortcuts

IconEntering dates
IconOperation date and time

Delete a payment

Delete an account

Deleted payments

Derived fees



Documents sent

Duplicate items

DVA items

DVA rates - setting

DVA rates - updating

- E -

Edit a payment

Edit accounts in Excel

Edit an item

Edit payments in Excel

Entering dates


Example printouts


IconEdit in Excel
IconEdit in Excel

Exit Access Anaesthetics

- F -


Fees - co-payments

Fees - discounts

Fees - DVA

Fees - GST

Fees - health fund

Fees - MBS

Fees - My Own

Fees - RVG/TP/WC

File copying and moving

File locations

File management - options

File management menu

IconFile management menu
IconFile Management

File versions

IconFile locations
IconWhich version do I have?

Filtering accounts

IconAccount selection
IconWhich accounts are visible?

Filtering defaults

Filtering payments

Financial reports

Find an account

IconFind an existing account
IconFinding accounts

Form letter - sample printout

Free text accounts

- G -


Getting started

Grouping items


GST - adding to fee

GST - enabling

GST - in payments

- H -

Health fund fee schedules

Health fund fees

Health fund fees - items page

Health fund fees - setting the fee

HealthBase Pty Ltd


IconBuilt-in help
IconGetting help and tips



- I -

Item description - editing

Item schedules

Items file - updating

Items screen

Items shown on accounts

- K -

Keyboard shortcuts

- L -

Letterhead options


IconSend a letter
IconThe letter writing window

Letters - form letters

Letters - formatting

Letters - saving

Letters - using Word

Licence agreement

List of accounts

List of accounts - formatting

List of accounts - printing

List of accounts - sample printout

List of payments

List of payments - formatting

List of payments - printing

List of payments - sample printout

Lookup tables

- M -

Main menu

Main screens

MBS - old system

MBS - RVG links

MBS book - My Own fees

MBS Items

MBS schedule

Medical record number

Medicare number

Medicare only payments

Messages on account

Miscellaneous payments


Multiple anaesthetics

Multi-user backup

My own fee - items page

My own fee - setting

My own list - MBS/RVG book

- N -

Navigation - account details screen

New account

IconCreate a new account
IconCreating a new account

No time to read the manual?

Notes - private

Notes on accounts

- O -


Operation date

Operation page

Operation times


IconEdit options

Options - account format

Options - automatic functions

Options - banking

Options - co-payments

Options - discounts

Options - file management

Options - miscellaneous

Options - payment instructions

Options - provider details

Options - unit & time values

Order of items

Overdue accounts

Overdue accounts - configuring

- P -


Patient address

Patient data

Payment instructions

IconPayment instructions
IconPayment instructions

Payment status

IconPayment status
IconStatus page

Payment summary - sample printout

Payment summary reports


Payments - batch

IconBatch payments
IconBatch payments

Payments - co-payments

Payments - deleted

Payments - deleting

Payments - discounted accounts

Payments - including GST

Payments - miscellaneous

Payments - receipts

Payments - standard

Payments list

Postcode defaults


Practice activity summary

Practice activity summary - sample printout

Practice management guide

Print preview window

Print tag

Printing a list of accounts

Printing a list of payments

Printing accounts

IconPrinting accounts
IconPrinting initial accounts

Printing accounts again

Printing banking slips

Printing co-payments

Printing multiple copies

Printing receipts

IconPrinting receipts
IconPrinting receipts

Printing reminders

IconPrinting accounts again
IconPrinting reminders

Privacy statement

Procedure description

IconProcedure description
IconEditing item descriptions

Provider designation

IconProvider designation
IconProvider details

Provider number

IconThe surgeon, hospital and operation fields
IconProvider details

- Q -

Quick item list

Quick note list

Quick start instructions

Quit Access Anaesthetics

- R -


IconPrinting receipts

Receipts - printing

Receipts - sample printout

Referral date

Registration number


Remote secretary

Reports - financial

Reports - GST

Reports - practice activity

Restoring data from a backup

RVG - ASA RVG items

RVG anaesthesia service

RVG schedule

RVG/TP/WC rates - setting

- S -

Sample printouts

Satellite version

Screen resolution


IconFind an existing account
IconFinding accounts
IconCopying from another account

Search items book

Select a provider

IconSelect another provider
IconSelect another provider

Selecting accounts

IconAccount selection
IconWhich accounts are visible?

Selecting an items file

Selecting payments

Selection criteria - advanced (accounts)

Selection criteria - advanced (payments)

Send a letter

Setting the fee

Shortcuts - keyboard


IconDocuments page
IconFile management

Sorting accounts in a list

Sorting items

Sorting payments in a list

Sounds on/off


IconPayment status

Status log

Storing addresses


IconProcedure description
IconCreating subitems


Surgical item

System date

System options

System requirements

- T -

Tag for printing

Technical details

Technical support

Third party address

Time based fees - configuring

Time based fees - custom

Time items

Time shortcuts

Times of procedure


IconGetting help and tips

To-Do list

To-Do list - setup

Tools menu

TP/WC rates - updating

Transfering data

Transferring data

- U -

Updating fee schedules

Updating the items file

Updating the system

Using Access datasheets

- V -


Veterans' Affairs items

Veterans' number


- W -

Waived amounts

Which version do I have?

Windows Explorer

Winzip backup