Data backups

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CautionIt is ESSENTIAL that you regularly back up your data file(s). In the event of theft or damage you can always replace your computer and get a new version of Access Anaesthetics, but you may never be able to replace your data.


[Making a backup] [Restoring from a backup]


Points to note


Don't underestimate the importance of having an adequate backup. One day you will need it.
You should back up your data at least once for every day you use the computer.
You can back up either to the computer's internal hard disk or to any other removable storage medium such as a floppy disk, zip disk, removable hard disk or rewriteable CD.
A hard disk backup makes data recovery very simple, as it just requires copying the backup files back again. However if the computer is stolen or damaged, the backup will also be lost.
A removable backup is required where the computer has been stolen or damaged. Removable disks should be stored in a separate location to the computer after the backup is complete.
DO NOT perform a backup if you suspect your current data may be corrupt. Performing a backup will simply overwrite what may be your only good data with bad data.
Removable backup disks should be handled carefully to avoid damage. It is a good idea to keep several sets of backup disks in case one should fail. For example, you could have a separate backup for each day of the week.


What data is backed up and how?


All data on your accounts, payments and custom setup options are stored in a single file. This is the only file you need to back up. This file is called AAUser.mdb. The main program file (AA97.mde or AA2000.mde) and associated files do not need to be backed up since they can always be reinstalled from the Access Anaesthetics CD. Similarly, the Medicare and RVG items files do not need to be backed up as copies will always be available from us.


For multi-user installations, all the individual doctors data files need to be backed up, that is all files of the format DoctorName.aau. Additionally the Site file, AASite.mdb should be backed up.


The built-in backup system makes an exact copy of the data files. This contains all data from when the system was first installed. There is no provision for making incremental backups or of specifying a subset of data to back up.


Data which is not automatically backed up


The built-in backup system copies the entire database of your accounts as one file. However, it does not copy the additional documents you may have optionally created while using the system. This includes Snapshot files and any Word or Excel documents you may have created by exporting data from the system.


To backup these files, use Windows Explorer to copy the entire contents of your Snapshots and Documents sub-folders. If you accepted the installation defaults, these folders would be named C:\Access Anaesthetics\Snapshots and C:\Access Anaesthetics\Documents. To restore these files, simply copy the entire folders from their backup location to your Access Anaesthetics folder.