File locations

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The File Management Menu is opened by clicking the similarly-named button on the Main Menu. This screen provides access to backup and other utility functions that will be required from time to time and shows the locations of the main files used in the system and the location and time of the last backup.





If you have installed the system in the default folder C:\Access Anaesthetics, the main files are as shown below. There is no obligation to install to the default folder, but it will make upgrading the system easier. For single user systems, the various data files (user, items funds etc) must be in the same folder as the program file. For multi-users systems (unlimited users), the data files can be located on a shared network folder.






Program file

AA97.mde for Access 97 or runtime installations

AA2000.mde for Access 2000 or XP installations

This file is the user interface which operates all the functions of the system.

User file

AAUser.mdb. This contains all the data including the account records, letters, payments and setup information such as the provider's letterhead.

Items file

AAItems2003_May.mdb. This contains the Medicare schedule, ASA RVG schedule and postcodes.


For multi user installations, the User file is split into two separate files.


User file

DoctorName.aau. Contains all the account and setup data for one doctor. There is one of these files for each doctor.

Site file

AASite.mdb. Contains the various lookup tables which are common to all doctors in the multi-user group. There is only one of these files per group.


Additional files include:


AAFundsWith RVG.mdb

Contains the health fund fee schedules.


Contains your registration number.


Is a reference to the data location for multi-user systems.

.snp files

Snapshot files containing images of accounts and letters. Stored in the Snapshots subfolder of your Access Anaesthetics folder.

.doc or .xls

Word documents or Excel spreadsheets which you have exported. These are stored in the Documents subfolder of your Access Anaesthetics folder.


Compressed files created with Winzip as backups of the user file.

.wav files

Files which generate sounds.

.bmp files

Picture files

.ico files

Icon files

.hlp files

Windows help files

.chm files

HTML help files

.old files

Old user data files which have been upgraded. May be deleted.


MS Access workgroup file. May be in a different folder.


The program, items and health fund files need updating from time to time as described below. The User file contains all entered data and is the only file which needs to be backed up (multi user installations need backups of all the DoctorName.aau files and the AASite.mdb file). All other files can be easily replaced from the CD or website if required.


All Access database files are supplied in Access 97 format with the exception of the main program file AA2000.mde which is in Access 2000 format. This file is satisfactory for both Access 2000 and XP users and can read data from Access 97 files without conversion.


Contents of the data files


Each data file contains a number of tables with the subscript T. They are listed here along with a brief description of the data they contain. Data stored in the site file is accessible to all users in a multi-user installation. The single user file AAUser.mdb contains all the listed tables from both the .aau file and the site file.


For multiple provider installations, the location of the various data tables has special significance. When you change data which exists in the User file, it is changed for that file only. When you change data which exists in the AASite file, it is changed for all files in the group. This means that when a new surgeon is added, that surgeon is available for all other doctors to add to their accounts. Generally speaking, all 'lookup' type data such as surgeons, hospitals, operations, items and their abbreviations, health funds, banks, messages, addresses, form letters and so on, will be available to all doctors in the group. The one table which will not always be clear is the SetupT table. This contains all the doctors own settings and changes to this table (usually via the Options form) will affect the selected doctor only.


User file (e.g. John Smith.aau) - Changes to data here affect the individual doctor only



List of items on an account


List of documents printed for a particular account


List of all accounts


List of deleted payments


List of all payments


List of changes in status of an account


Setup options for the provider


Site file – AASite.mdb - Changes to data in these tables affect all doctors in a group



Third party addresses e.g. DVA and health funds


Bank branch names


Bank names


Designations of the anaesthetist, surgeon, hospital and operation


Text of form letters


List of health fund fees created by the user


List of cheque drawers, and their bank and branch details


Short list of health funds shown on the PtData page


Customised tips which are created by the user


List of hospitals


Custom abbreviations for item descriptions


Messages which appear on account


List of operations


List of items which can be quickly added to accounts


List of notes which can be quickly added to accounts


List of phrases which describe current status of an account


List of surgeons


Details of time-based fee schemes such as the Vic WC scheme


Items in the To-Do list