Printing accounts or the list itself

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Before printing anything from the list, ensure you have selected the group of accounts appropriately so that the accounts listed are the ones you are interested in. Use the options on the Select menu, or enter criteria into the Advanced selection box. You may additionally fine tune your selection by ticking the Tag checkbox for selected accounts. You will later be able to print all accounts, or just the accounts you have Tagged.


There are several printing options on the List of Accounts


Print an account for each of the patients
Print a co-payment account for each of the patients
Print a list of the accounts in a list format
Print a summary of the listed accounts
Print a followup worksheet



To print standard or co-payment accounts, use the All Shown or Tagged buttons on the bottom left of the screen, in either the Accounts or Co-payment box. This will print an account for each record.


When printing accounts in this way, any accounts which have previously been printed will receive a default message as described in the Printing accounts again section. You can review and adjust these messages after pressing the print or preview buttons in the Print dialog box. If printing co-payment accounts, only those accounts in the list which have a co-payment amount entered and which are otherwise designated a health fund type account will be printed. Any accounts in the list without these will not be printed.


To use the List of accounts for sending overdue account notices, see the Printing reminders section.



Click the Print this list button to print all the displayed accounts in a tabular format with each account in a single row (much like what is currently displayed on the screen). Only the most important fields are shown since only a limited number will fit on the landscape size report.


Printing a list of accounts may be useful for a variety of auditing reasons. Because the data you print may include accounts selected in many different ways, when you choose this printing method you are given the option of entering brief notes on the top of the printed list. This will allow you to easily label what data is actually in the report.



Click the Followup worksheet button to print a report listing all the patient's relevant operation and contact details, payments made, current status and individual comments stored in the database. Blank space is also provided for writing notes.


The followup worksheet is a report intended to be used when telephoning patients about outstanding accounts. Some clients find it easier to print a list of the relevant information rather than jump around the computer screen while telephoning patients. Or, the printed list may be given to a third party to do the followup.


The followup worksheet will print all accounts shown on the List of Accounts screen irrespective of whether they are overdue, paid in full or any other status. You must, therefore, first apply appropriate selection criteria to limit the list to only those accounts which require followup. This may be as simple as selecting Overdue from the Select menu, or more specific criteria may be defined in the Advanced selection criteria box.


Hint!        You could also use this function to enable a person to manage your outstanding accounts without a computer while you are on holidays. Simply print a list of all open accounts and have your assistant manually record payment (and other) details on the list.