Amounts billed, received, waived and owed

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The fields on the bottom right of the screen show summary amounts for the accounts currently displayed.



The Total Fee is the sum of all the fees charged for the listed accounts. If discounts are in effect, the discounted fee will be tallied, not the undiscounted fee. GST is included if applied. The amount Received is the sum of all payments received for the listed accounts.


The amount Owing is the sum of the differences between the fee and the amount received, for open accounts. It is assumed any amount owing is still to be collected.


The amount Waived is the sum of the differences between the fee and the amount received for closed accounts. In other words, for closed accounts, any amount left owing is deemed waived. This allows you to 'write off' an amount for accounts where a partial payment is accepted as full payment, or where complete payment is not expected for any other reason. Whenever you close an account (by entering a Date Closed) which has an amount left owing, the residual amount owing will then be deemed an amount waived.


Note that the list may show a mixture of both open and closed accounts. The amounts waived and owing will still be accurate in this situation.