Registration number

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When you first install Access Anaesthetics, whether from a CD or via an internet download, the system will function in Demonstration mode and allow only 25 accounts to be entered. A registration number is required to get the system out of Demonstration mode and to allow the entry of unlimited accounts.


The registration number provided upon purchase is valid for one computer only and will not work on any other computer. In order to assign your registration number, we need a computer identification number from your computer which is located on the registration form. Click the registration button on the Main Menu to locate your computer identification number. If you require an additional registration number for a laptop computer or remote secretary, first install Access Anaesthetics on the new computer and locate its computer identification number in the same way.


If you buy a new computer or replace your hard disk or other internal components, you will require a new registration number. Contact us and we can provide this without delay.