Technical support

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The annual maintenance and support plan


Twelve months free support and maintenance is included in the purchase price of Access Anaesthetics. Thereafter an annual fee will be charged. Consult our website for the latest details -


The support and maintenance plan includes:


MBS and RVG data file updates whenever new versions are published by the Health Insurance Commission or the ASA.
Health fund updates when appropriate after fee schedules have been modified.
Program updates. There may be 3 to 6 program updates annually.
Unlimited technical support by email with responses normally returned within several hours.


Support by Email or fax


We prefer to receive support enquiries initially by email. This gives you a chance to fully describe the situation, and gives us a chance to work through the problem and develop a solution. This is often faster than talking to us in the first place, because in many cases we need to duplicate the problem before devising a fix or work-around. Email is the best way to resolve non-critical issues and to provide background information for telephone support. We normally respond to email enquiries within several hours, 7 days a week.


Additional pay-per-use support 


To reduce the annual support cost, telephone, modem and on-site support is not included in the annual support plan. These can be provided, however, on a pay-per-use basis. This will be charged at our standard hourly rate applicable at the time the support is provided.




Please use our telephone support number or indicate in your email or fax the best day and time for us to call you. We can call you outside business hours if required but we would prefer not to receive calls outside business hours. Our office telephone is normally attended 4 days per week (Tues-Fri) during business hours. Voice messages may be left when the office is unattended and we will return your call as soon as possible. A mobile phone number will be offered for urgent calls although this will not always be answered immediately. 




If you have a modem, we can log into your computer remotely using pcANYWHERE software. Users must have pcANYWHERE installed on their machine. A 30 day evaluation version of this program is available on the Access Anaesthetics installation CD. This may be sufficient to enable us to correct any initial setup problems. A full version of pcANYWHERE costs approximately $250-$300 from software dealers.




On-site visits are available within the Sydney region. Individual on-site training can also be provided in the Sydney region if required.


Users of the DEMO version


Reasonable support will be provided by email, fax or telephone on installation and setup issues. It is expected that users will refer to the training resources to learn to use the system and training support is not generally provided. However, we will provide limited training assistance by email, fax or telephone at our discretion.


The 'No Support' plan


Once you have purchased Access Anaesthetics, there is no absolute requirement to stay on the annual support plan. The system will not cease functioning on a preset date. We can provide support on a pay-per-use basis and can also provide program and item updates on a pay-per-update basis. However, this option is unlikely to represent good value for money as the costs for each update will be disproportionately high.




To help reduce costs, no personal training is included in the purchase price of Access Anaesthetics and it is up to the individual user to learn how to operate the system to best advantage. To assist with this training, the system includes a number of resources:


a comprehensive on-line Windows Help file
this detailed printed manual with screen images
a set of training videos on the installation CD
regularly-updated frequently-asked questions on our website
additional material posted on our website from time to time


If you prefer, we can come to your office to provide individual on-site training at our standard hourly rate of payment. At present this service is only available for Sydney locations. Contact us or consult our website for the latest details.


Note        We do not provide hardware support. You should consult your local computer dealer for hardware or printer related problems.