Licence agreement

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Installation Agreement


Installation of this software indicates acceptance of this agreement. If the terms of this agreement are unacceptable, or you are dissatisfied with this product for any reason, you should cease to use it immediately. You may return all the original materials to HealthBase Pty Ltd within 3 months of registration for a full refund. If you return the software for a refund you are no longer licensed to use the program. You must remove any and all copies of the program from your hard disk and destroy all electronic copies of the program.




The supplied software and documentation are copyrighted products of HealthBase Pty Ltd. All rights are reserved, and the use of the software is expressly prohibited, except as authorised by the terms of this agreement. Under no circumstances may you remove the copyright notices which are part of the software or documentation. No part of the software or documentation may be reproduced without express permission from HealthBase Pty Ltd.


Unauthorised copying


HealthBase authorises registered users to make archival copies of this software for the sole purpose of back-up and protecting your investment from loss. Under no other circumstances may you copy the software for the purpose of distribution to others. Copying (except as above), duplicating, selling, renting, transferring, or otherwise distributing the software product is a violation of the law.




Upon installation, the system can be run in Demonstration mode which allow adding up to 25 accounts. A unique registration number is required for each authorised installation of the software to advance beyond Demonstration mode. Once correctly registered, the About box will display the name of the registered user.


The registered software may be used for one anaesthetic practice only. The registered user may install the software on more than one computer (for example, desktop and notebook) provided that each installation will be used for the one anaesthetic practice. Provision for a secretary to operate an additional installation will be allowed according to conditions determined from time to time provided the system is for the sole use of the registered provider of anaesthesia. Where the software is used for multiple providers, the software will be licenced to the group practice.


The software is not transferable from one practice or practitioner to another. Once purchased, the registered practitioner cannot give or sell his copy of the software to another provider or practice. Each new practice must purchase a new copy of the software.




HealthBase Pty Ltd have made every effort to ensure that this software is an effective tool for its stated purpose. However, the software is distributed 'as is' including any programming errors either known or unknown. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, HealthBase Pty Ltd makes no warranties relating to this software arising from a failure of this program to operate in the manner desired by the user. It is strongly recommended that you thoroughly test the program with dummy data before installing active data.




Neither HealthBase Pty Ltd and its employees nor anyone else who has been involved in the creation, production, or delivery of this software shall be liable for any damages including any lost profits, lost savings or other indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use such software, or any claim by any other party, even if HealthBase Pty Ltd has been advised of the possibility of such damages or claims. In no event shall the liability of HealthBase Pty Ltd for any damages ever exceed the price paid for the software or the license to use the software, regardless of the form of the claim. The person using the software bears all risk as to the quality and performance of the software.