Payment status

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When a payment is entered into an account, the amount owing is reviewed and the payment status is changed appropriately.


If the payment fully pays the account fee, the status will be set to Paid in full, and the current date will be inserted into the Date Account Closed field. This will also occur if there is a small residual amount owing provided the residual is less than that specified in the Options form (Automatic functions page). This avoids an account being deemed unpaid when a trivial amount is left outstanding.


If a payment is made but an amount is still owing, the payment status will be updated to include the subscript, -part paid.


If required, the Date closed, Payment status and Receipt tag can all be manually adjusted and, in particular, you can enter your own status phrase if you like.


The presence or absence of a Date account closed determines whether an account is open or closed. Adjusting the payment status may insert or remove the date closed automatically.


If you want to 'write off' an account without it being fully paid, simply select Part Payment Accepted, or any other appropriate status phrase, and insert a Date account closed.



Missing receipts


When you enter one or more payments for an account and they total the amount owed, the account status is automatically set to Paid in full. If a receipt is required, the receipt tag is automatically (or can be manually) set to true. If you then jump to the List of accounts you may find that the account is no longer in the list. This is because the list is probably displaying only Open accounts and the account you were just working on was just closed automatically by the addition of a Date closed. In this case, choose Receipts from the Select menu and the account will reappear.


List of automatic changes to payment status


When Access Anaesthetics opens, and when payments and other data are entered, the status of any Open accounts is reviewed and adjusted automatically as follows:




This status is set when...

Further information required

a new account is first created

Too early to send

sufficient data is entered but operation date is too close to today's date, as specified in Options

Ready to send

sufficient data is entered and account may be printed and sent

Awaiting payment

account is first printed


the difference between the account date and today's date is more than the specified overdue period, and the account is still open

Medicare only accepted

the payment of a MO account is completed

Discounted fee accepted

the payment of a discounted account is completed

Paid in full

the full payment of an account is completed


a payment is deleted and the system does not know what other status to assign




The subscript -part paid is added to the existing account status when a payment is entered which does not fully pay the fee charged.
The other status phrases must be added manually if you wish to use them.
Adjusting the payment status may insert or remove the Date account closed. However, adding, modifying or deleting the Date account closed will never change the payment status.