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The system is set up so that printed receipts are simply account statements with receipt information printed on them. Each payment is allocated a unique Receipt number.


When a payment is entered, the system checks to see whether the Drawer of the payment usually sends a receipt. If so, the receipt tag is set to true. This receipting behaviour (receipt tags) can be edited in the Drawer's lookup list by clicking the Edit button just to the right of the Drawer heading. The checkbox UsuallySendReceipt should be ticked (or set to either 'Yes' or 'No' if the checkbox is absent). Generally, drawers in the list probably won't need a receipt; health funds, Medicare and so on.


Accounts with receipt tags checked will be shown in the List of Patients when the Receipts option is chosen from the Select menu. These can then be printed together in a batch. Receipt tags are cleared automatically when a receipt is printed.