System requirements

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We recommend the following specifications for minimum performance of Access Anaesthetics. As with any software, the faster the processor and the more memory available, the better the system will run.


Hardware recommendations


Computer:                Windows PC (will not run natively on a Macintosh,

                 but will run using Virtual PC software)

Processor:                Pentium (faster is better)

Memory:                32MB (more is better)

Hard disk space:        Approx 10 MB (about 20 required for runtime version)

Screen resolution:        800 x 600 (higher is OK, lower is unacceptable)

Colour palate:                16 or 24 bit (images are poor with 256 colours)

Operating system:        Windows 9x, 2000, NT, XP

Printer:                        Any Windows printer, printing on A4 paper

Backup device:                Zip drive, Super disk or CD writer. Floppy disks are OK but will eventually be too small.


Software requirements


Access Anaesthetics is based on Microsoft Access database files and requires Microsoft Access to run. It is designed in Access 97 and versions are available for Access 97 and Access 2000. The Access 2000 version will run without modification in later versions of Access (2002 or XP).


If you do not have Access 97 or Access 2000, you can still run the system, by installing the Access 97 Runtime version which is available on the installation CD.


Microsoft Access is included as a component of Microsoft Office in the Professional edition and above. It is not included with the Standard or Small Business editions of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Access and Microsoft Office are copyrighted products of Microsoft Corporation.