Main window functions

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This section provides information on those functions of the Account details form which are activated by buttons located around the outside of the grey tabbed area. Subsequent sections in this chapter provide details on individual pages of the Account details form.


 The top of the Account details form





 The bottom of the Account details form






Scroll from one account (patient) to the next using the buttons at the bottom left. This will scroll through the group of accounts currently selected, usually the 'open' accounts. It is possible to have a group of just one account, or a group of many hundreds depending on what you have chosen from the Select menu.


Each account has a number of pages of data which can be opened by clicking on the labelled tabs. Additionally, the keyboard shortcuts <CTRL> <LEFT ARROW> and <CTRL> <RIGHT ARROW> will move the focus to the previous and next pages of the same account. Note that these shortcuts move the focus to different pages of the same account.


Additional keyboard shortcuts will open specific pages. The key combination is <CTRL> plus a number from 1 to 9, with 0 to substitute for 10. This opens to the respective page number starting at 1 on the left, through 2, 3 … 9 with 0 as page 10. For example, CTRL 5 takes you to the Fee page.


Jump to the List of accounts, List of Payments or Main Menu using the buttons on the top right of the screen. If appropriate, the account you have jumped from will be located in the list.


Sending letters


Click Letter to send a form letter to this patient or to a third party payee. Or you can use this function to write an individual letter to the patient or to a third party about the patient. If you wish to send a letter to someone who is not a patient or third party payee, click the Letter button on the Main Menu. Letters written from the Main Menu will not be associated with any particular account.


Deleting an account


Click DELETE account to delete the current patient from the database. This function will delete all traces of the patient from the system including all financial details and all snapshot files if they exist. It is expected that you would NOT do this very often and that it would usually only be used to correct incorrectly-entered accounts. Once an account is deleted, it CANNOT be recovered unless you restore an earlier backup data file.


Changing system options


Click the Options button to open the Options form and modify your provider information, item details such as the MBS and RVG item unit values, specify account format options and other setup variables.


When you change an Option, it is changed for the entire system, not just the current account. This button is also available on the Main Menu and the List of Accounts forms, and on the Tools menu.


Options can be changed and reset at any time. For example you may wish to print an account without showing the built-in letterhead even though you might usually show this on your accounts. Simply change the option, print the account, then change the option back again. It is very simple when you get used to what options are where.


Adjusting font size


The font of the Account details screen is initially set to MS Sans Serif point size 8. As computers have developed and higher resolution screens have become more common, the entire window size may need to be adjusted. We are currently working on a method to do this. In the meantime, click Tools > Resize fonts to switch between 8 point and 10 point font sizes. This will provide some relief to users with screen resolutions which render the Access Anaesthetics window quite small.


It is also possible to format the List of Accounts and List of Payments for better readability, and to adjust the size of the Access Anaesthetics window.