Creating a new account

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Click the New button to create a new Account. An Account Number will be inserted which is one greater than the highest account number in the database. If it is the first account, the recommended starting account number will be 1001. You can adjust this if you like keeping in mind that the highest account number that Access Anaesthetics can assign is 32,000. (You can later restart account numbering at a higher number from the Options form - Provider page.) After clicking the new button (either from this page or from the Main Menu) the New button will be renamed to Cancel. Clicking Cancel will cancel the new account. After a surname is entered into the account, the account is automatically saved and the Cancel button will revert to New. Thereafter if you wish to cancel an account, press the Delete button. It is not necessary to manually save any data in Access Anaesthetics; all data saving is done automatically.


Use this form to enter all the data associated with one occasion of anaesthetic service. Start with the Patient Addr page, then move on to each page in turn, entering data on the Pt Data, Operation, Items and Fee pages. Normally this is all you would need to enter to create an account. Then press the Print now button on the bottom of the page and you have created your first account. You can set additional options on the Format page, but this is not required.


When you receive payment for the account, go to the Payments page for this patient and enter the details there. The Status page will show you the current and previous status of the account, the Documents page will show you exactly what paperwork has been sent to the patient and the Notes page is for you to record any details you wish to enter about the patient or account status.


Account number prefix


A prefix can be added to account numbers on printed accounts. This is especially useful for multi-provider systems where otherwise, it may be difficult to identify which provider a particular account number relates to. Three characters are allowed; normally this would be the providers initials. The prefix is only displayed on printed accounts. It has no other significance in Access Anaesthetics and cannot be used for searching. Set this up on the Provider details page of the System Options.