Form letters

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To send a form letter, simply choose the letter text from the Form letter list. The stored text will automatically be inserted into the main body of the letter.


If you are going to send a form letter, you should select the letter before doing any other editing in the main body of the letter since the form letter text will replace any text already stored there. In other words, if you start to type your own letter, then click one of the form letters, the text you have already entered will be overwritten without warning. There is an Undo button available on the form which may help in this situation.


You can also save the text of any letter as a form letter by clicking the appropriate button and giving the letter a name. In this way, you can type one letter, save it's text as a form letter, then select it in the Form letters list to send to other people whenever required.


To delete one of the stored form letters, first highlight it by clicking on its name in the list. Then press the Backspace key on the keyboard. Note that the keyboard Delete key (DEL) will not work.


To rename a form letter, make a copy of it and rename the copy as follows. Insert the text of the letter you wish to rename into the current letter, click the button Save text as form letter, and type in the new name. You may then wish to delete the letter with the original name as described above. You can also use this method to create additional form letters with minor variations in the content of the letter text.