Letters already sent to this patient

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All letters created for a particular patient are listed in the box on the top right of the letters window. Re-order the list by clicking on a column heading. Clicking again will reverse the sorting order. This may be particularly useful in locating letters which are not attached to accounts, since there may be a long list of them.


Click on a letter in the letters window to display it. Once a letter has been printed, its latest printing date will also be shown. You may edit the letter or, alternatively, make a copy of a letter and edit the copy. If you have checked the Snapshot option, formatted copies of all letters printed will also be stored on the hard disk and be available for viewing in the patient's Documents page. The snapshots may also be viewed directly in the letters window by pressing the camera button. Whether or not you keep snapshots of your letters, the names of letters sent (printed) will be listed in the Documents page.