The (hidden) item editing window

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In most cases, the only part of an individual item which you need to edit is the description, since the item number, unit value and fee are all fixed as specified within the MBS or RVG book. That said, it is possible to edit all the item details for the rare instance where the unit value or fee of an item needs to be edited directly. For example, when using the RVG item CU999 for an unlisted procedure, a specific unit value and fee can be inserted.


There is no button to activate this function; rather it is opened by double clicking on the Fee column for any existing item. This will open a popup window which displays all the data stored for an individual item. Click the Edit button in the window to enable editing.



The editing window provides basic functions only, and caution is advised since there are no data verification or calculation procedures built into this window. Modifying data in this window will not affect the data stored in the MBS or RVG schedule books. Editing data here only affects the current item on the current account.