The ASA RVG schedule (green)

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Use this green section of the Items page when you want to generate your account based upon the ASA's RVG schedule. Here you would insert item numbers such as those shown below. In 2003, the main use of this RVG schedule is for sending accounts to Workers Compensation or Third Party insurers, since these groups will recognize the original RVG schedule. Prior to Nov 2001, this schedule was also used by a lot of anaesthetists as their standard method of billing, since the RVG had not yet been incorporated into the MBS schedule.



Add items to this page in the same way as you would for the MBS page. That is, enter an item number into the A.Item column, select an item from the Quick Items list, or open the RVG book and add items directly from there. When you first add an Anaesthesia for ... item, a time item will also be inserted. Note that there are no individually-specified time items in the RVG schedule and that the item shown on the account is descriptive only.


An age modifier may be added automatically if appropriate. This will only happen if there is a time-attracting item on the account.


Like the time item, the RVG modifiers do not actually exist as items in the RVG schedule. Consequently they cannot be added from the RVG book. Instead, like the MBS page, add modifiers from the drop-down Modifiers list just to the right of the Quick Items list. The ASA RVG has a number of modifiers which are not recognised by the MBS schedule, but all modifiers can be added in the same way.


The fee calculations for the RVG section are performed differently to those for the MBS. Since all items in the schedule have a unit value (in the MBS, some have a dollar value), the fee is calculated by adding up the total number of units and multiplying by your chosen unit value. The individual item fees shown on this page are calculated as such because the RVG unit value for this example account has been set at $30. The rate for this account is set on the Fee page, and you can set the default for all new accounts on the Unit and Time Values page of the Options form.


The total fee is calculated by multiplying the total units by the unit value, not by adding up the individual item fees. For example, the RVG time item is not used in calculating the fee; its use is purely for displaying the details on the account. More details on using the ASA's RVG schedule are given in the Accounts - Fees chapter.


For details on the other functions on this page see the relevant sections describing the MBS schedule methods.


Create RVG items from MBS items


Click this button to create a list of RVG items based upon the MBS items entered on the blue MBS page. This function works by using a list of links between RVG items and MBS items. The links are built into the system as described in the section on the MBS book.


This process was designed for the pre - Nov 2001 era when there were no built-in links between the two schedules and the individual anaesthetist had to generate his own list of links. Use this linking process with caution. Because the two schedules don't match exactly, it is important that you check the RVG items added to the account, since they may not always convert in exactly the way you expect.


The MBS to RVG conversion does not support the use of Subitems. If you have an MBS item which was inserted as a subitem, when converted, the RVG equivalent of the parent MBS item number will be inserted. This is because the subitems are used only when entering the data, but are not stored in the individual accounts.


When the Create RVG from MBS button is pressed, the system looks to see whether each MBS item has an associated RVG item number. If it does, that RVG item is inserted into the account. If it doesn't, you are asked to enter an RVG item number to associate with the MBS item number. This item is then added to the account and the association is saved so that the next time that particular MBS item is used, the system will automatically insert the associated RVG item. However, since the links are stored in the MBS items file, those which you have specifically added will be lost when upgrading to a new version of the MBS book.


Fee calculation note in the Quick Note list


While on the RVG items page, select Fee calculation in the Quick Note list to insert a description of how the total fee was calculated. This will be updated whenever the fee is changed. This is just a descriptive item and does not affect the way the fee is calculated.


The fee note for the above example looks like this.