ASA RVG methods

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To use the ASA RVG method of setting the fee, you must first enter some appropriate items on the green ASA RVG tab on the Items page. The summary details of the resultant fee are shown on the fee page, and you can adjust the total fee by adjusting the dollar value per RVG unit. Unlike the MBS RVG system, the ASA RVG system is entirely based on units, so the total fee is always the product of the number of units and the unit value.




You can specify default unit values in the Options form (Unit and time values page) for RVG, TP or WC account types. Select one of the 3 radio buttons to use that unit value in the calculation. If you are using the RVG type and wish to use a different unit value, select the RVG unit value from the drop down list or type a number directly into the Rate per unit field.


The total RVG value will be shown. Click the total to set it as the fee to be charged or click the radio button. It will turn green and will appear in the Total Fee charged field. The difference between the MBS schedule fee and the RVG fee will be shown (MBS-RVG gap). Note that this should be equivalent to the patient gap if the RVG fee is set as the fee to be charged.


Note that for TP and WC accounts, you should choose the appropriate TP or WC value. It is not sufficient to choose an RVG value which happens to be the same as the TP or WC value since the account will be designated an RVG account rather than a TP or WC account. This has implications for the format of the account, particularly for whether MBS or RVG items are shown.