Unit and time values

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The numbers you enter on this page determine the fees that are set by default when you create an account. It is possible to additionally modify some of these on individual accounts. You need to keep these values updated manually and we will usually advise you when to do this.


The default RVG value and the values for workers compensation and third party accounts should be determined from your own practice and from the recommendations of the ASA or AMA. The DVA values are for Veterans' Affairs time-based payments.




The Current items file shown on the bottom of the form displays the version of the Medicare book which is currently in use for your program. This can be updated as described in the File Management section. The items file contains the recommended values of the RVG and DVA factors which are current at the time the items file is current. You can check these rates by clicking the Check current rates button above to open the window shown below, and insert them into your Options form by clicking the Insert these rates ... button below. You should update these rates when you are about to begin creating accounts using the new rates. Don't update these rates if you still have accounts to create for procedures performed prior to the starting date of the new rates.


In multi-provider versions of Access Anaesthetics, there is an additional button which enables the rates to be changed for all data files in one process.




The default entries are those which were current at the time your program version was created. Those shown here were current in November 2002.


NoteYou need to update these values manually when they are changed by the Health Insurance Commission since they are stored in your own data file. Updates to the Access Anaesthetics system and MBS and RVG books provided by HealthBase will not update these figures automatically. We will however endeavour to alert you when these should be updated.