Account format

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Fields shown on accounts


These specify the defaults for new accounts and can all be changed within individual accounts, either by adjusting the checkboxes next to the appropriate field, or those on the account's Format page. Some of these were created in the pre-RVG era and would not normally be used after Nov 2001. In particular,


If you have created a list of both MBS and RVG items, you can include a brief list of the alternative item numbers on the account. That is, for accounts which show RVG items, the equivalent MBS item numbers can be shown at the bottom of the list of RVG items and vice versa. They are shown in a single row and only the item numbers are shown, no other details.
Since ASA RVG accounts would previously have been used for some standard patient accounts, the option to show the equivalent MBS items was provided so that patients would have the best opportunity to obtain Medicare rebates. This would rarely be required now.
The option to not show item numbers on DVA accounts was included because of problems where the DVA would incorrectly make payments by MBS methods rather than by time-based methods. With the new A001-A007 items, this is not an issue and all accounts should now include item numbers.




Document formats


The standard account and letter formats print a built-in letterhead with your provider information. Select one of the letterhead styles from the two drop down lists.


Use the Blank Letterhead if you wish to print on paper which has your own custom designed letterhead. Or tick the 25 mm blank footer checkbox if your letterhead has its own footer.



For letters, you also have the option of choosing either a Short or Long letter format. Choose Short if you want to space out a short letter over a whole page, and choose Long if you need additional space to fit a longer letter on one page.


The other options are self-explanatory and may be tested using the Preview button on this form, or on an individual account or letter.