If you don't have time to read the manual...

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Firstly, you probably don't have time to do your accounts either, so get your secretary or spouse to manage the system for you.


Secondly, you can run the system without help, provided you understand why some things happen in a particular way. If you get into trouble in a particular area, click the Help button or press F1 for context sensitive help. We can't guarantee that your accounts are going to be exactly as you expect, unless you have a good working knowledge of what is in the help file or manual.


You should read the Getting started section before doing anything else as this will give you an overview of how the system works. Then read up on specific areas as you need to. The Quick start instructions will give you a 5 minute guide if you just want to start creating accounts straight away.


If you're new to sending accounts for your anaesthetic services, you should also read the Practice management guide. This will give you valuable information on the everyday aspects of operating the business side of your anaesthetic practice.


You can customise the way that Access Anaesthetics works. Do this by modifying the System Options. These affect how various events are handled, which details are printed on your accounts, the management of lists of accounts and payments and so on. You can start out with the default settings and experiment with them when you get to know the system better. There are also a number of lookup tables which store lists of items you will commonly use such as surgeon's names, hospitals you work from, preferred messages on accounts and so on. Initially some of these will be empty and you will need to add your own preferences. It's all described in the relevant sections in the manual or on-line help.