Quick start instructions

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To get you started, this is a basic overview of how to create an account, print it, enter payments, and print a bank deposit slip.


Enter your provider details


From the Main Menu, click Edit system options.
On the Provider details page, enter your name and billing address details.
Click the Preview the account header button to see the layout.
After you are happy with the format, click the Save and Close button.


Create an account


From the Main Menu, click Create a new account.
Starting with the Patient Addr page, enter the relevant information. Not all fields are required.
Move to the different pages from left to right, entering data as you go.
Add items to the Items page. Select a health fund fee or My Own fee if you like.
Check or adjust the fee on the Fee page. The account is now ready to send.


Print the account


Press the Print now button on the lower toolbar to print the current account.
The account date will be inserted and the status will be set to Awaiting payment.
The Documents page will record when the account was printed. If the option is installed, a snapshot of the account will be created.
We recommend you always examine the printed account before sending it.
The account will fit into a standard DL window face envelope for mailing.
You can create multiple accounts then print them all at once from the List of accounts screen.


When a payment arrives


Click Find an existing account, and enter the account number or name.
Click the Payments page and enter the details of the payment(s) in the lower section, taking care to specify the Payment type correctly (as this will determine whether the payment appears on the bank deposit slip).
If the account is fully paid, the date will be entered in the Date account closed field, effectively closing the account.
If an amount is still owing, or if you wish to send a receipt, press the Print now button to print a receipt or reminder.


To close an account


On the Payments page, the existence of a Date account closed determines whether the account is closed or open. Enter a date here to close the account, or remove the date to re-open the account.
When a payment is entered which fully pays the fee, the current date will be inserted automatically as the date closed.
To write off an amount still owing, simply enter a date into the Date account closed field. Or, more simply, select Part payment accepted from the Status drop-down list.


Do the banking


When a standard payment is entered, the date received is recorded, but not the date banked. Payments without a banking date will be printed on the next bank deposit slip. When the bank deposit slip is printed (on a printer), the banking date will be stored with each payment printed.


Press the Print bank deposit slip button on the Main Menu or List of Payments screen. Specify the banking date and press the Print or Preview button.
Take the bank deposit slip (2 copies) to the bank with the payments. The bank officer will stamp and return one copy and keep the other copy.


NoteSome payments will not appear on the bank deposit slip (e-credit cards, EFT, other).