What is Access Anaesthetics?

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Access Anaesthetics is a practice management package for Australian anaesthetists. It is designed with an emphasis on comprehensive features and ease of use. It is written in the popular Microsoft Access relational database system and communicates with other Office applications such as Word and Excel.


What does it do?


Creates accounts to send to private patients, health funds or third parties
Incorporates fee schedules for Medicare, ASA RVG and most health funds
Manages Veterans' Affairs time-based methods of billing
Records payment of accounts by cheque, credit card or EFT
Prints receipts which include all item information for obtaining rebates
Tracks overdue accounts and prints increasing levels of payment encouragement messages
Sends standard or custom letters
Provides clinical activity statistics
Provides financial analysis statistics
Keeps records of anaesthetic procedures performed




Billing for MBS, RVG and free text formats
Manages DVA, Workers Compensation and Third Party accounts
Incorporates fee schedules for all the major health funds
Allows the creation of a patient co-payment account for health fund no-gap accounts
Handles GST fees and payments, and provides GST reporting functions
Built-in letter writing functions with the ability to store unlimited form letters
Incorporates easy discounting system
Print lists of accounts or payments matching user-defined criteria
Prints on any printer with standard A4 paper
Prints bank deposit slips
Intuitive Windows interface with lookup lists, buttons, handy data entry shortcuts and many customisable options
Easy browse and search functions in MBS and RVG books
Handy To-Do list allows you to create messages for yourself
Optionally saves 'read-only' copies (snapshots) of all accounts, receipts and letters for reliable auditing
Easy backup system to hard disk, floppy disk, zip disk or CD
Supports multiple providers on one PC or a network of PCs