Built-in help

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There are 3 methods to view the on-line help in Access Anaesthetics:


Choose Help from the Help menu on any form


Click the Help button on any form.



In most cases, the Help is context sensitive, that is, it opens at the topic which is relevant to the task you are currently performing.


Press the F1 key when viewing a form.  Help is available by pressing the F1 key even if the form does not have a specific help button or help menu.


Move or resize the Help window to best suit your needs by dragging the title bar to a new location, or dragging the borders in or out when the mouse turns to a double edged arrow. You can also click the maximise, restore or minimise buttons in the top right corner of the Help screen.


The Help with PDAs file gives comprehensive assistance with configuring and using the Palm or Pocket PC add ons to Access Anaesthetics, and the What's New file explains what has changed in the program from one version to another. This file will usually have the latest information.


Click the Technical support button to view information about the resources available.