Free text and the quick note list

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The rows on the Items page can be used to enter free text as well as specific items. You may for example:


type your own procedure descriptions into any row
insert blank rows to separate particular items
enter comments such as Separate attendance, above or below a particular item
enter any comments you wish to give to MBS or DVA staff or to the patient regarding the account


For free text entry, under some circumstances it may be best to switch off the automatic item entry. That is the function which inserts the item description and fee when you enter the item number. You can turn this on or off in the Automatic functions page of the Options form. This can be done dynamically, that is, turn it off, make your changes to the account, then turn it back on again.


Note        The total MBS schedule fee for the account is calculated by adding the individual item fees. These fees cannot be individually modified except as specified here. Therefore, entering items as free text may result in an inaccurate total MBS schedule fee.


The Quick Notes list allows quick entry of notes in the same way as the Quick Items list. Select a note from the list to insert it into the account. The list is editable in the same way as the quick items list by selecting <EDIT LOOKUP LIST> from the list itself. Add notes to the list by clicking the Save to quick list button on the bottom left. If the cursor is in a row containing an item number, the item will be saved to the Quick item list. If it has no item number, it will be saved to the Quick notes list.


The Auto Order function will place all items without a date at the bottom of the list, including quick notes. You may need to adjust the ordering codes to suit.