Printing a list of payments

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Before printing anything from the list, ensure you have selected the group of payments appropriately so that the payments listed are the ones you are interested in. Use the options on the Select menu, or enter criteria into the Advanced selection box.


There are several printing options on the List of payments.



A bank deposit slip is a particular type of payment list which is described in detail in the Printing banking slips section.


This button prints a list of payments which may be useful for a variety of auditing reasons as described below.


The Summary button prints a summary of the listed payments. This provides a method of cross tabulation to obtain totals for groups of payments.


Use the Print this list option to print all the displayed payments in a tabular format with each payment in a single row, much like what is currently displayed on the screen and similar in appearance to the bank deposit slip. Because the data you print may include payments selected in various ways, when you choose this printing method you are given the option of entering brief notes on the printed list. This will allow you to more easily label what the data actually is in the report. (Even the payments due to be put on a bank deposit slip can be printed in a standard list if you wish.)


NotesWhen printing the list, cash deposits are itemised, unlike the summary amount shown in bank deposit slips.


 When the list includes batch payments, only the Distributed payments are shown, not the original batch payments.