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The description of each item can be edited directly on the screen. It is wise to edit the descriptions to simplify them as some of the default MBS descriptions are rather wordy. Any such modifications will appear only on the current account and the next time that item is entered into a new account, the original default description will be inserted. Custom descriptions for each item can easily be set up in the MBS or RVG book so that your own specific description will appear when an item number is entered.


Adding item 'Subitems'


It is possible to set up multiple descriptions for a single item number and these can be selected using a subitem code. These are described in the MBS/RVG book section. Add subitems directly to the account by entering the item number and subitem code into the item number column.


For example, if you have a subitem called CVP for item 22012 (Blood pressure monitoring - central venous), enter 22012CVP into the item number field. The appropriate details will be inserted into the account. If you enter 22012 without the CVP code, the default MBS description (or your default custom description for item 22012) would be added instead.


Note that although you enter the item number and subitem code (22012CVP), only the item number itself (22012) is stored in the database and printed on the account.


Update item from book


The button Update item from book will re-insert the unit, description and fee details for that item as currently stored in the MBS or RVG book. If you have stored a custom description, this will be inserted rather than the book's own description. If the item was originally added using a subitem, the subitem code will not be added and only the details from the original parent item will be inserted. If the version of the items book currently in use is different to that which was in use when the item was originally inserted, the unit values, description and fee may be different.