Keyboard shortcuts

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Menu navigation


Menus can be activated without using the mouse as follows:


Activate a menu using the keyboard ALT key and the underlined letter of the desired option. The first menu option will appear in a raised format.
After activating a menu with the ALT key, use the left and right arrow keys to move through the menu options.
Press the ESC key to deactivate the menu.
If you inadvertently activate a menu, clicking on the main screen may just result in a sound with no action. You may need to first deactivate the menu using the ESC key.


General navigation


A number of keyboard shortcuts are available on the main screens. These include the Main Menu, File Management Menu, Account Details, List of Accounts and Payments screens. The shortcuts vary on each screen but generally follow the scheme below.


Hold down the CTRL (Control) key and press the key mentioned below:


F.        Find an account or patient

N.        New account

P.        Print the current account or current list of accounts

B.        Print a Bank deposit slip

D.        Delete the current account

O.        Display the Options form

L.        Open the Letter writing window

(on Payments screen, prints List of payments)

M.        Return to the Main Menu

(on the Main Menu, opens the File Management menu)

T.        Print Tagged accounts (List of accounts screen)

A.        Print All accounts (List of accounts screen)



The file management menu has more specific functions for the shortcut keys.
The keystrokes are underlined for options on the Main Menu and File Management menu. Other screens may not have the keystrokes underlined since this can cause focus-related problems. The lack of underlining does not necessarily mean the shortcut is not available.
Some shortcuts are not available when the focus is on a subform. This may be the payments data entry section, the list of accounts or other subforms. If you move (click outside) the subform, the shortcut may become available.


Account Details form navigation


Additional shortcuts have been added to the Account details form to allow the user to go directly to a specific page. The key combination is CTRL plus a number from 1 to 9, with 0 substituting for 10. This opens to the respective page number starting at 1 on the left, through 2, 3 … 9 with 0 as page 10. For example, CTRL 5 takes you to the Fee page. This is in addition to the already existing shortcuts of CTRL LEFT ARROW and CTRL RIGHT ARROW to move to the previous and next pages of the same account.


Note that these shortcuts all move the focus to different pages of the same account.