Adding time items

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The appropriate RVG time item is added automatically to any account which uses RVG billing when the first RVG item is added. This assumes that the date and times for the operation have been entered on the Operation page. If the operation times are modified, the time item is updated automatically. The time item will not be added to the account if there are no RVG type anaesthesia items on the account which attract a time component. See the RVG anaesthesia section for more details.


It is possible to add a time item to an account by entering a specific item number in the range 23010 to 24136. This is not necessary however, and could result in accidentally adding multiple or incorrect items to the account. There is a button labelled Update time item which may be used to manually insert/update the time item. The button is unlikely to be needed, but is provided in case the item is not updated correctly when the date or time information is modified. This will also remove any multiple or incorrect time items.


Perfusion Item


If a perfusion item (22060, CV060, A006, A007) is entered onto the account, the time item is automatically shown as Perfusion time instead of Anaesthesia time for MBS, RVG and DVA account types. If a perfusion item is added after the time item is inserted, Perfusion time is not inserted automatically, and you should click the Update time item button to update the description appropriately. This feature was inserted since HIC staff sometimes mistakenly believed that both perfusion and anaesthesia services were being claimed on one account.