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When an account is sent to a health fund under that fund's No Gap arrangements, an additional co-payment account may also be sent directly to the patient. Both these accounts are actually managed from within one account in Access Anaesthetics, according to which print button is pressed to produce the account. When a payment is received, it is possible to specify whether it was received on behalf of the fund or the patient, so that the receipt information can be managed appropriately.


To do this, tick the CoPay checkbox for any payment that is made towards the co-payment account. Leave the box blank if the payment is from a fund for the fund's component. The checkbox will only appear for accounts which have a patient co-payment amount entered on the Fee page.



When receipts or reminders are printed, only the payments which relate to the appropriate account type (fund or co-payment) are shown. Also when printing a receipt or reminder for a patient co-payment, an alternative message (set up in the Options form) will appear in place of the standard message when any amount has been received as part or full payment of a co-payment.


Summary amounts for the co-payment are shown above the list of payments for reference when entering payment information.


NoteFor accounts to be recognised as having co-payments, there must be an amount in the Co-payment field on the Fee page, AND the Account Type must be the same as the Health Fund Fee. That is, the health fund fee must be set as the main account fee.