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Most anaesthetists will not need to charge GST for their services. However, since cosmetic procedures and some other payments for private work may attract GST, a set of reporting functions have been included in Access Anaesthetics. Once enabled in the Options form (Misc page), columns for GST will appear in all appropriate data entry screens, and listings of account and payments.




Click the GST button on the List of Payments screen ...



to open the screen shown at right which provides functions for GST reporting.




The buttons in the window apply selection criteria to the underlying payments list so that payments satisfying the criteria will be shown in the main screen. You can then use the standard reporting options, or use the specific GST reports in the GST reporting window.


The basis of the GST summary reports is the presence of data in two fields recorded for each payment, viz


GST - the amount of GST included in a payment, entered at the time a payment is entered.
GST -> ATO - the date on which the GST was paid to the Australian Taxation Office, entered as described below.


Entering a date into the GST -> ATO field is not required, although it will enhance your reporting abilities. As payments are added to the system you can review those which include GST by using buttons 2, 3 or 4. Initially all payments which include GST will also be shown using button 1 since the date the GST has been paid to the ATO will not have been entered. A function is provided to insert the date that the GST was paid to the ATO, into each payment. This records the fact that the GST has been paid, and would normally be done after the BAS reporting period for the quarter. To insert the date, click the Pay GST button on the bottom left of the window. This will insert the specified date into each payment. Thereafter, those payments can be reviewed using button 5. As additional payments are entered, the total GST currently owed to the tax office can be determined by using button 1.


Both brief and detailed summary reports of payments made to the ATO are provided. These functions are not intended to replace your normal accounting methods, but are provided as an aid to keeping track of GST in your accounts.


NoteIf you find that you have entered some incorrect GST -> ATO dates and you wish to edit them, select a group of payments and reinsert the date using the Pay GST function.