Printing receipts

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As described in the previous section, there is no separate printing format in Access Anaesthetics for receipts. These are the same as account printouts except that payment details are included in addition to the original account details.


A receipt can be printed at any time simply by reprinting an account which has had payment details entered. The itemised payment details will be shown with an additional message indicating whether full payment was received or whether an amount was still owing. See the Printing accounts again section for a discussion of account messages.


Receipts can be printed individually from the Account details screen as payments are entered. Alternatively, you can tick the Send receipt checkbox on the account's Payments page for batch printing later. This is done automatically when some types of payment are entered. To batch print receipts, go to the List of Accounts, select Receipts from the Select menu and then click the Print Accounts - All shown button. This process is similar to printing any group of accounts as described in detail in the previous section.