My Own fees

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On an account's Items page, clicking the My Own Fee button allows you to enter your own fees for individual items. Most of the time, these fees are based on a number of units multiplied by a dollar value per unit. However, there are some items, such as the pre-anaesthetic consultation (17603) and a number of anaesthetic extras which do not have a unit value. These cannot have a fee attached based upon a particular unit value and, for these items, you can store a default dollar value fee in the MBS book.


To be able to do this, the item must first be in My Own List. Locate the item in the MBS book and, if it is not already, tick the checkbox in the My column. For items in My Own List, which do not have a unit value, an additional blue column will appear towards the right of the window. A specific fee for the item can be entered here.





When you subsequently click the Insert 'non-unit' fees from My Own list button in the My Own Fee dialog box, the fee stored in the MBS book will be inserted.


The button Edit my own fees list opens a datasheet showing the list of My Own items. The fees can be edited, along with the item description and subitem codes.