Operation date and time

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The operation date and times should be entered for all accounts. The times are essential to calculate fees using the RVG or DVA system. If you prefer, you can avoid showing the date and times on the account by clearing the associated checkbox.



The operation date will be used as the default date of service when entering individual items. Times should be entered in 24 hour format. When you enter an operation date, if the date of birth was previously entered, the patient's age will be calculated automatically.


If the operation date is changed from a previous date, you will be asked whether to also update all the item dates to the new operation date (if items already exist in the account). If a pre-anaesthetic consultation exists with a different date to the other items, the difference in dates will be applied to the new date. That is, if the operation date is changed from Jan 10 to Jan 20 and there was a pre-anaesthetic consult done on Jan 9, the latter will be changed to Jan 19 and the other items to Jan 20. You will be alerted to this change when it happens.


Referral date


The optional Referral date will appear on the right hand side of the account above the operation date and time details. If the Show times ... checkbox is cleared, the referral date will still appear on the account. If you don't want the referral date to appear, leave it blank.


Date and time shortcuts


The following shortcuts are available when entering the operation date and times. A View shortcuts button is provided on the Operation screen for quick reference. In addition, a button is provided to guide the user as to whether the times entered would be eligible for the after hours emergency modifier.


Date field

         Time fields


tInserts today's date.
pInserts operation date from previous patient.
+Increments the date by one day.
-Returns the date to the previous day.


pInserts the stop time from the previous patient into the start time. This is intended to be used when one procedure starts at the end of the previous one.
+Adds 5 minutes. If the stop time is blank, the + key will insert the start time into the stop time field to allow for rapid incrementing of the stop time without directly entering any numbers.
-Subtracts 5 minutes.