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The default discount label on printed accounts is Discounted Fee. Other recommended labels are Reduced Fee or Early Payment Fee. You may have to enter several spaces to the left of the text so that the label lines up correctly with the Fee label on the printed account. Test this by viewing a preview of a discounted account and adjusting the spaces as required. The label specified here will appear on all discounted accounts.


Discounts can be set on the Fee page for any account. When initially inserted on an account, the discount message will be as specified here in the Options form. Adjust this to the message you will most often use. It can later be modified on individual accounts after the discount is set. Use the # character here to substitute for the expiry date on the actual account message.


Specify the Number of days before a discount lapses. Then, when Access Anaesthetics opens, the discount expiry date is checked against the current date and, if appropriate, the discount is disabled while retaining the discount information for reference. A suggested starting point is 21 days. Some clients recommend using a shorter time, say 10 days, to encourage patients to pay the account prior to obtaining Medicare and fund rebates.


If you do not want to have the discounts expire automatically, set the number of days until the discount lapses to zero.


Tick the Don't automatically... checkbox if you wish to keep discounts on part paid accounts.