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IconHow do I install AA on a new PC?
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IconInstalling AA on a new PC - group practice checklist
IconUsing Access 2013-2016
IconMy registration number won't work on the new PC
IconHow do I remove the security warning when AA opens?
IconDo I have Windows 32 bit or 64 bit?
IconActiveXZip component doesn't install automatically
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IconWhat are the benefits of different MS Access versions?
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IconHow do I know when an update is available?
IconHow frequently are updates released?
IconHow do I install updates?
IconHow do I know if I have the latest updates?
IconAA can't find the updates that have been released
IconNo current subscription message in Web Update
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IconHow do I find out what version I have?
IconMy data file has not updated to the latest version
IconData file issues
IconAttaching data files
IconDoctor's file shows AAAA in the select provider window
IconDoctor's file is missing
IconRepair a data file
IconHow do I find the data files?
IconHow do I archive retired or obsolete doctors files?
IconWhat are the data files?
IconError messages
IconI can't open Access Anaesthetics
IconHow do I notify support of the errors?
IconMicrosoft access has encountered a problem and needs to close
IconDisk or network error
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IconError when compacting a doctor's file
IconBackup failed with error message
IconCan't find the input table or query
IconReserved error; there is no message for this error
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IconContacting Medicare
IconWhy should I use Eclipse?
IconWhat is my Minor ID?
IconWhere do I find the Eclipse Status website?
IconHow can I view a list of the Eclipse reason codes?
IconI can no longer send claims or retrieve reports
IconCan I send a claim for a private (not no-gap) patient?
IconWhat is a Patient Claim (PC)?
IconDo I need to enter the patient's address?
IconWhat data is actually sent in an online claim?
IconWhy does my verification succeed with an incorrect date of birth?
IconJuly 2015 Fund and Eclipse changes
IconSending claims
IconHospital provider numbers
IconProvider number not accepted
IconIs surname and DOB checked in patient verifications?
IconTransmitting multiple first names
IconPatient claim for child under 12 years
IconCan't sent claim - MP does not accept AG claims
IconCannot transmit DVA claims
IconHow do I enter the Bupa Practice ID?
IconCan I re-transmit an overdue claim?
IconCan I re-transmit a rejected claim?
IconUsing the IFC code with Eclipse claims
IconHow can I see which IFC code was sent in a claim?
IconClaim adjustments
IconItem issues
IconHow do I insert the time for individual items?
IconUsing blood pressure monitoring items
IconWhat if I have more than 14 items on an account?
IconWhat is Service Text?
IconWhat is the SD flag?
IconWhat is the NNAC flag?
IconReferrals and requests
IconReferral rejected with 605 code
IconDiagnostic imaging multiple rule applied to incorrect item
IconCan't transmit prolonged epidural item
IconI forgot to include an item in the claim
IconRetrieving reports
IconHow can I view all Eclipse payments?
IconI can't retrieve a processing report for a claim
IconWhat happens if a claim is part-paid?
IconThe ERA is missing for a paid claim
IconHow do I manage a duplicated ERA?
IconUnbalanced batch payment
IconCanceling claims
IconCan I cancel an Eclipse claim?
IconHow do I make a failed claim disappear?
IconI have sent an Eclipse claim in the wrong doctors file
IconCan I delete an Eclipse claim?
IconFund issues
IconWestfund no longer works
IconHow do I update the list of health funds?
IconWhere do I find a fund's Eclipse code?
IconWhich health funds accept Eclipse claims?
IconInstallation and certificates
IconEclipse Registration
IconEclipse Installation Files
IconHow do I reinstall Eclipse?
IconError: Unable to find Java virtual machine
IconHow to set the Java environment variable
IconPKI login failure
IconExpired Location Certificate
IconExpired Medicare Certificate March 2014
IconHow do I renew a location certificate?
IconWhat is HPOS and how do I install it?
IconI have received a CD from Medicare labelled SHA2
IconRenewing an HPOS certificate
IconPKI Certificate Manager download
IconSatellite file issues
IconWhat is a satellite file?
IconSatellite Licence Details
IconCreating a Satellite file
IconHow do I view a satellite file on my system?
IconOutlook deleted the satellite file
IconError - field can't be found
IconGeneral account issues
IconWhat are Open and Closed accounts?
IconHow do I address a copayment account to a patient's parent?
IconHow do I 'write off' an account?
IconHow do I restart the account numbers?
IconHow do I create an account for the gap?
IconCan I print address labels?
IconCan I insert a 'Due date' on the account?
IconHow can I print copayments for several accounts at once?
IconHow do I show a message on a copayment account?
IconHow do I set up reminders?
IconWhat defines an in-hospital procedure?
IconShould my accounts be labeled TAX INVOICE?
IconHow can I customise email messages?
IconCan I recover a deleted account?
IconCan I view a record of deleted accounts?
IconCan I reuse a deleted account number?
IconI can't delete an account
IconItem number issues
IconWhat is an RVG anaesthetic service?
IconHow can I have several versions of the same item number?
IconWhy does my ASA RVG account show MBS items?
IconHow can I add an item to the MBS book?
IconHow do I store my own fee for an item?
IconHow do I use the prone, obese and pregnancy modifiers?
IconWhat item number should I use for a TAP block?
IconWhich nerve block items can I claim during an anaesthetic?
IconWhich items should I use for epidurals?
IconCan I use 18216 with an anaesthesia service?
IconWhich item should I use for a PICC line?
IconCan I use item 55054 with an anaesthetic service?
IconTeleconference items from July 2011
IconWhy does item 17690 have a zero fee?
IconWhat is the diagnostic imaging multiple rule?
IconWorkcover insurers don't recognize ASA time items
IconUsing the multiple surgical rule
IconHow do I highlight specific items in the Items list?
IconHow do I use ASA item CV999?
IconNew age modifiers May 2020
IconNew MBS Age Modifier for 3-4 yrs
IconNew telehealth items
IconFee issues
IconWhat is the AMA rate?
IconWhat is the VicWC time-based system?
IconHealth fund issues
IconNotable fund issues
IconWhat fund is this?
IconBUPA Defence Contract (ADF_BUPA)
IconHow do I set up the funds correctly?
IconHow to change a fund's fee schedule
IconWhich funds allow copayments?
IconAHSA Copayment rule change
IconHBF has 3 schedules. Which should I use?
IconGMHBA has several schedules. Which should I use?
IconWhat is Frank Health Insurance?
IconWhat is Budget Direct Health Fund?
IconWhat fund is health.com.au?
IconNIB associated funds - Apia, Qantas, United
IconNIB and Honeysuckle Health
IconNIB Copayments?
IconManchester Unity merging with HCF
IconWhat funds does BUPA cover?
IconBUPA and the perfusion item 22060
IconHow do I bill AHSA funds?
IconWhich funds are part of AHSA?
IconAHM moving from AHSA to MP
IconWhich AHSA schedule should I use if I work in two states?
IconWestfund's Eclipse code changed in August 2011
IconUsing the new ADF Contract from Medibank Health Solutions
IconADF defence base addresses in Sydney
IconWhy does HCF pay more than the schedule fee?
IconHow do I enter the Bupa Practice ID?
IconGrand United has left AHSA
IconHealth fund gapcover links
IconHCF Fee update effective December 2016
IconUsing the 'Bupa Hospital' flag
IconGU Health - new fee updates
IconUsing WAG fees at Joondalup 2020
IconMyOwn Health Insurance
IconAre fund details updated automatically?
IconData entry
IconKeyboard shortcuts
IconI entered some accounts into the wrong doctor. Can I move them?
IconHow do I use item templates?
IconI can't access any item templates
IconWhat is an LSPN?
IconPatient's age is not showing
IconHow do I edit data in lookup tables?
IconFlagging a payment as a co-payment payment
IconUsing date received and date banked
IconHow do I add banking details to a printed estimate?
IconHow do I add GST to a single item?
IconHow do I change report columns?
IconWhat are snapshots?
IconI cannot view snapshots
IconCan I delete older snapshots?
IconWhat is the 'Exists' checkbox on the Documents page?
IconCan I create PDF files from Access Anaesthetics?
IconHow do I save an account as a PDF and view it later?
IconCan I email accounts?
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IconGeneral guidelines for using the virtual server
IconCloud server Terms & Conditions
IconCloud server security considerations
IconLogging onto the server from overseas
IconChanging your server password
IconHow to log onto the server
IconLogging onto the server from a Mac
IconWhy do some dates appear in the US format MM/DD/YYYY?
IconI can't close the system with the x on the top right
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IconHow do I reorder the List of Accounts?
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