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Health fund issues

Health fund issues

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Health fund issues

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Notable fund issues

What fund is this?

BUPA Defence Contract (ADF_BUPA)

How do I set up the funds correctly?

How to change a fund's fee schedule?

Which funds allow copayments?

HBF has 3 schedules. Which should I use?

GMHBA has several schedules. Which should I use?

What is Frank Health Insurance?

What is Budget Direct Health Fund?

What fund is

NIB associated funds - Apia, Qantas, United

NIB and Honeysuckle Health

Manchester Unity merging with HCF

What funds does BUPA cover?

BUPA and the perfusion item 22060

How do I bill AHSA funds?

Which funds are part of AHSA?

AHM moving from AHSA to MP

Which AHSA schedule should I use if I work in two states?

Westfund's Eclipse code changed in August 2011

Using the new ADF Contract from Medibank Health Solutions

ADF defence base addresses in Sydney

Why does HCF pay more than the schedule fee?

How do I enter the Bupa Practice ID?

Health fund gapcover links

Using the 'Bupa Hospital' flag

GU Health - new fee updates

Using WAG fees at Joondalup 2020