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Item number issues

Item number issues

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Item number issues

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What is an RVG anaesthetic service?

How can I have several versions of the same item number?

Why does my ASA RVG account show MBS items?

How can I add an item to the MBS book?

How do I store my own fee for an item?

How do I use the prone, obese and pregnancy modifiers?

What item number should I use for a TAP block?

Which nerve block items can I claim during an anaesthetic?

Which items should I use for epidurals?

Can I use 18216 with an anaesthesia service?

Which item should I use for a PICC line?

Can I use item 55054 with an anaesthetic service?

Teleconference items from July 2011

Why does item 17690 have a zero fee?

What is the diagnostic imaging multiple rule?

Workcover insurers don't recognize ASA time items

Using the multiple surgical rule

How do I highlight specific items in the Items list?

How do I use ASA item CV999?

Referrals and requests

New Age Modifiers May 2020

New Telehealth items May 2020


The ASA also maintains a list of item-related FAQs on their website. This is very useful for determinations on when specific items can and can't be used. You will need to enter your ASA membership login details to access the members only section, then follow the links to Economic issues and the RVG.