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Eclipse Installation Files

Eclipse Installation Files

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Eclipse Installation Files

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After registering with Medicare, the following files need to be installed to use Eclipse in Access Anaesthetics.


1.Eclipse files. We have packaged a number of Medicare files into an "Eclipse setup file" which you can download below. This will install the Online Claiming software from Medicare Australia, and set some required environment variables. You will also be prompted to install the PKI Certificate Manager. This is required to install your Location Certificate.


2.Location Certificate. Install your Location/Site Certificate using the PKI Certificate Manager. You will require the CD and password that you received from Medicare Australia when you registered your practice location. To begin, click Start > Control Panel > PKI Certificate Manager. Then follow the instructions below. For networked versions of AA, the certificate store (hic.psi) must be located in a server location. We recommend putting it in the same folder as the data files. The pki certificate manager can also be downloaded separately from this Medicare website.


3.Java. Java is required for Online Claiming. If you already have Java installed you may skip this step. Install Java from We recommend installing the latest 32 bit version (not the 64 bit version). Eclipse does not always work with the latest version of Java, so we have provided some older versions below if required.


4.Individual certificate. Optionally install any individual certificates you have obtained from Medicare Australia. These may be used with Access Anaesthetics if you wish, but are not required.




Download files here


Eclipse Setup File 6.12.1



Eclipse installation file for Access Anaesthetics version 8.9 or later.

(Medicare Client Adaptor Ver 6.12.1 and PKI Certificate Manager Ver 2.3.21, updated 13 Feb 2019.)


Java runtime files


We recommend installing the latest Java version from


These files are earlier versions of Java that may be required if Eclipse can't be made to work with the latest version.

Java 6 Update 26

Java 6 Update 45

Java 8 Update 181

Contact us for advice before using the older Java files.

Hospital provider numbers are required for all Eclipse claims. Access Anaesthetics includes a lookup list of Australian hospitals and their provider numbers which was compiled from details obtained from the Aust Govt Dept of Health.



Completing the setup in Access Anaesthetics


Once you have installed the Eclipse files, launch Access Anaesthetics and do the following ...


Click <Eclipse Menu>, then click <Setup>


Enter the following details ...


Location ID (Minor ID).
Practice location - name and address (appears on printed documents).
Folder containing the PKI store. Leave this blank if it is the same folder as the data files.
Password for the PKI store. This is the password you used to create the store, not the one provided by Medicare Australia.


Click the <Test> button. You should receive a prompt that Eclipse is functional and which gives the expiry date of your Location Certificate. Close the setup window, close the Eclipse Menu, and then reopen the Eclipse Menu. The buttons should now be active.


Eclipse setup is now complete


We recommend you next retrieve the list of participating health funds by clicking the <Update funds list> button on the Eclipse Menu. If this completes successfully, you should see a list of participating health funds in the progress window. Click the <Health funds list last updated> link to see the complete details. You can also view this data on the Funds page of any account (Eclipse Code drop down list, or using the <View fund info> button).


Next, try the patient verification procedure on the Patient or Fund tabs of an existing account. If all this goes well, you can begin processing online Eclipse claims.




User Manual - Online




Please follow the above instructions carefully, and review the issues in the FAQ list if you can't get Eclipse to start. If you're still having trouble, contact us and we will log in remotely to sort it out.


Medicare HPOS


Your Eclipse location certificate can be used to log onto Medicare's HPOS website and check patient Medicare numbers. Note that this is a separate application to Access Anaesthetics and that a separate installation process is required. For new users, you should create a PRODA account to access HPOS. Details on the Medicare site.