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Grand United has left AHSA

Grand United has left AHSA

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Grand United has left AHSA

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(Information up-to-date, 20 Nov 2018)


New gap cover scheme

Effective November 2018, Grand United Health Fund Limited (GU Health) has ceased to be a part of AHSA. Instead, they now manage their own gap scheme, called GU Health Medical Gap Network. Providers are required to register with GU to use the new scheme by going to There is also a link on this page to More information which links to Terms & Conditions and FAQ.


Fee schedule

GU has published their own fee schedule (see links above), which was originally identical to the AHSA fee schedule. However, from 2019, there have been some differences, so a new schedule specific for GU has been added to AA.



Since leaving AHSA, GU has adopted a policy of a maximum copayment of $400 per episode of treatment. This is different to the $400 per item policy of AHSA. A new warning has been incorporated into AA to alert you if you add a copayment above $400 to a GU account.


Owned by NIB

GU health is now owned by NIB, but there is no suggestion that the no-copayment policy of NIB will be adopted.



The entry for GU in your addresses lookup table should be similar to the image below.

The Eclipse code for GU Health is FAI.

The fee schedule is AHSA for your state.

Addresses are as shown.