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Server 2019 October 3

Server 2019 October 3

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Server 2019 October 3

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Dear AA Virtual Server clients,


You may have heard this week of a significant breach of some hospital IT systems. While we have not been affected in any way by these attacks, it’s a timely reminder that AA staff and clients have to maintain a high level of awareness on security, especially for accessing our virtual server. We have reviewed our relevant systems, policies and procedures and can reassure you that your data and server access are secure.


The server currently does not enforce regular password changes. However we recommend that you change your password regularly in any case. Please see below for how to do this.


We are conducting an audit of passwords and may contact some of you individually to reset your login details. Clients who have never changed their passwords will be required to do so. We will advise you individually by email before instituting this requirement after which you will need to change your password at your next login. This is purely a precautionary measure, and is necessary to maintain the best level of security for your activities.


Passwords need to be 8 or more characters and must include 3 of the following 4 character types:

•         Uppercase characters

•         Lowercase characters

•         Numbers

•         Special characters such as *@# etc



Please contact us by reply email to if you have any questions.


Owen Jenkins and Tony Stewart





To change your server password, after logging in, follow these 3 steps, then click Sign-in options.


To shortcut these steps, use the key combination <Ctrl> <Alt> <End> or for Macs, Ctrl Alt/Option FN DEL.


If you have saved your password in your RDP connection so that you do not enter it when you log on, you will also need to change the password in the RDP connection.