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Download the trial version of AA



How do I install AA on a new PC?

My trial version of AA won't start

Installing AA on a new PC - group practice checklist

How to I transfer data from another computer?

Using Access 2013-2016

My registration number won't work on the new PC

How do I remove the security warning when AA opens?

Do I have Windows 32 bit or 64 bit?

ActiveXZip component doesn't install automatically

Cannot open help file

How do I install AA on a Mac?

Can I run Access Anaesthetics on my iPad?

Microsoft Access trial has expired

Do I need Microsoft Office/Access?

How to I set up AA to run on a network server?

How can I access my system remotely?

What are the benefits of different MS Access versions?

Problems with Microsoft Access Versions

What files can I safely delete from my AA folder?

How can I add an AA shortcut to the Desktop?

What does Runtime mean?