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How do I edit data in lookup tables?

How do I edit data in lookup tables?

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How do I edit data in lookup tables?

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AA includes lookup tables for commonly used information. The data in these tables can be edited at any time to streamline data entry processes.


Lookup tables can be edited by going to Tools > Edit lookup tables.
Most lookup tables can also be edited by selecting the <Edit> option from the list itself.
Each table is a little different in the type of data recorded, and the editing method.
Apart from the initial listings when the software is installed, all data is managed by the user.
Details on how to edit datasheets can be found here.
General notes on lookup tables are here.
None of the lookup tables are managed or updated by AA staff or downloads. This is particularly so for the Addresses table.


Separate lookup tables are maintained for:


Addresses - for details on health funds, insurance companies, or other third party addressees which the account may be sent to.

Surgeons - list of surgeons, with their provider number, designation and contact details.

Operations - list of operations, as a summary of the procedure.

Hospitals - hospital name, provider number, contact details.

Payers - lists entities that may pay an account, funds, insurance companies, banks etc.

Messages - default messages to appear on accounts, standard messages, and repeat (overdue) messages.

Quick items and quick notes - useful data entry shortcuts for items and notes on the Items page.


The following lookup categories are contained in a single lookup table (other lookups):


Anaesthetist designation - type of anaesthetist e.g. cardiac, paediatric, specialist.

Bank - list of bank names for data entry when entering payments.

Bank branch - list of bank branches.

Copayment message - custom message to appear on copayment accounts.

Document type - type of document stored on Docs page e.g. Referral letter, Patient letter, Account.

Fax subject - subject line of a fax.

Hospital label - type of hospital e.g. Hospital, Clinic, Rooms.

IFC status - type of IFC provided.

Operation label - descriptive name of Operation field e.g. Operation, Procedure, Consultation.

Payment type - Cash, cheque, credit card etc. Determines whether the payment appears on a banking slip and whether the date banked is inserted automatically.

Preop visit location - location of preop visit e.g. rooms, outpatients, theatre.

Status phrase - summary status of the account.

Surgeon label - designation of surgeon e.g. surgeon, gastroenterologist, cardiologist.

Waived fee reason - reason that an account was closed without full payment.


There are also separate lookup tables for:


Item templates - list of items that can be inserted onto an account in a single process.

Form letters - saved letters that can be reused for any patient, using data from the current account.

Estimate formats - records different type of text and data to show on estimates.

Provider numbers - a doctor can have more than one provider number. Bupa ID and HCF/HBF preferences are also stored.

Postcodes - Australian postcodes.

Payment instructions - instructions for payments which appear on accounts, usually matched to fee type.