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What is Service Text?

What is Service Text?

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What is Service Text?

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These details are copied from the Eclipse manual, which can be opened in Access Anaesthetics from the Help menu. Alternatively, see the online Eclipse manual.


For Eclipse claims, the description of the item stored in Access Anaesthetics is not transmitted to Medicare. Instead, Eclipse claims can include up to 50 characters of 'Service text' that is sent with the claim. Usually this includes specifically formatted flags rather than free text. However, brief note can also be added.


For example, for diagnostic imaging services such as ultrasound, a 'self-deemed' flag may be required. These can be entered on the items page for any specific item.


To do this, double click on the lower right corner of the procedure field for the specified item, as shown.


This will open the Service Text window.


Select one or more service text codes. These will be shown in the box at the bottom with a # symbol. Additional text can be added here if required, to a maximum of 50 characters.


Service text can be added to any of the items in the list.


Service text will appear on printed accounts, and on specific Medicare reports such as Bulk Bill assignment advice forms (DB4) or Patient Claim advices.


The #XX flag is used to exclude a specific item from the electronic transmission. This may be useful when resending a claim that has been partially paid. Note that the data check will treat the excluded item as if it were still part of the claim, and printed reports will show the excluded claim normally.



The existence of service text for a particular item is indicated by an ST flag in the item description in the position where the double click function is active. Double click to view the details.