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Satellite Licence Details

Satellite Licence Details

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Satellite Licence Details

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What is a Satellite licence?


A satellite licence allows a doctor to use our Access Anaesthetics software for review and reporting. Most satellite clients are members of an anaesthetic group or billing service that uses Access Anaesthetics as their practice management software. The data managed by the group on behalf of the doctor can be transmitted to the doctor for review using the satellite version of Access Anaesthetics. The system does not allow creating and managing accounts or payments.


Benefits of Satellite registration


Use of the software to review the activity of the billing practice. This includes the ability to generate custom reports not routinely provided by the billing practice.
Email newsletters notifying when updates are available.
The ability to easily install updates using the Web Update function.
Unlimited technical support by email. (Telephone support attracts a separate hourly fee.)


What can’t be done with a Satellite installation?


The primary limitation of a satellite system is that you cannot create new accounts. While it is possible to edit some of the data in the system, this is impractical since there is no facility to transfer data from the satellite system to the main billing group. Consequently, the system can only be used for reviewing the data as managed by the billing group. Although clients who already have a licensed single user version of the software can create accounts, there is no two-way synchronisation possible between the single version and the group version. Consequently, the licence effectively becomes a satellite version.


How do I obtain the Satellite version?


Download and install the trial version of Access Anaesthetics from our website. After installation, contact us for a registration number. The cost of the satellite version is approximately half the annual fee of a single user version, payable annually.


How do I view data from my practice?


Ask the practice to email you a copy of your satellite data file. Open your Access Anaesthetics software, go to the Maintenance Menu and click Restore from backup. Follow the prompts to restore the satellite file.


What if I don’t wish to maintain my Satellite registration?


If you have a registered copy of Access Anaesthetics, this will continue to function. However you will not be able to update the program, items or health funds files. If you are using the system to review data files sent from your billing group, this may eventually cause errors on your system, owing to ongoing changes in the structure of the data files maintained by the group.


What if a satellite client wishes to leave the billing group?


Upon leaving a group practice, a satellite client who has previously purchased his own standard copy of the software (not a satellite version) will be able to resume using the system for creating accounts. However, he will be required to resume paying the standard annual subscription fee for single user installations.


Satellite clients who have not purchased the software will be required to purchase the single user version if they wish to generate their own accounts independently.


When will I be invoiced?


The renewal date will be taken as the date the software was installed. If you join a group after previously purchasing Access Anaesthetics, your renewal date will remain the same as the original single user subscription date.