Accounts - Entering Items

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The item details screen is used to enter all procedural information and is the most complex part of the system. There are three tabs to identify the separate sections.


The blue MBS section is used for all Medicare type accounts, including the new RVG items, and for health fund accounts. Most accounts will use this section.


The green ASA RVG section uses the ASA's RVG schedule and is used mainly for third party (TP), worker's compensation (WC) or overseas patient accounts. It uses item numbers such as CA010 or CG850.


The purple DVA section is used for the Veterans' Affairs time-based system of billing. It is not used for billing the DVA using the standard MBS methods.


Many of the data entry features of the MBS section are common to the RVG and DVA sections. The common features will be included in the MBS section while the differences will be discussed separately in the RVG and DVA sections.



MBS items (blue)

ASA RVG schedule (green)

DVA schedule (purple)

Other schedules