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Submit your accounts electronically with ease!

Cutting Edge comes in two editions. The Standard edition, designed for Allied Health practitioners is suitable for billing electronically to Medicare and DVA. The ECLIPSE edition is suitable for paperless claims to private health funds in addition to the features of the Standard Edition. Each version is customised for your individual or group practice ie: Anaesthetics, Intensive Care Specialists, Surgeons, Surgical Assistants, Specialist Physicians and General Practitioners as well as a wide range of Allied Health professionals including Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Dentists and Optometrists.


The software has been designed for online and printed claiming, and supports all the following electronic claiming functions:

  • Verification of Medicare, Veteran’s Affairs and Fund Membership
  • Bulk Bill Claims (for Rebate-only claims, paid directly to the provider by direct deposit)
  • Medicare claims (also know as Patient claims or PCS) where the rebate goes to the patient or provider and an out-of-pocket amount can be charged.
  • DVA streamlined, paperless claims to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • ECLIPSE No Gap and Known Gap claims to funds (IMC)
  • Electronic Payment advice from Medicare, DVA and Electronic Remittance Advice from Funds (ERA).
  • The software also allows you to produce printed claims to patients, third parties, and funds.
  • It has a convenient interface for tracking the progress of electronic claims, payments and outstanding invoices.
  • BPay and Credit Card Payments straight to your account from patients automatically reconciled in Cutting Edge with DoctorBill, our automated, fully integrated payment gateway.



Cutting Edge for Anaesthetics

Cutting Edge (Anaesthetics) is ideal for individuals or groups of anaesthetists, as well as intensive care practitioners. It is ideal for those who need to organise and create accounts on-the-go, yet want to have a simple and inexpensive method to manage patient billing.


Cutting Edge (Anaesthetics) will calculate the correct fee, using the current schedules for:

  • MBS & Rebate
  • Gap Cover fees for every registered health fund in Australia
  • Workers’ Compensation Authorities
  • Transport Accident Authorities
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Easy quoting to patients for Informed Financial Consent
  • WAGMSS (WA only)

Invoice creation is straightforward:

  1. Enter the Patient details.
  2. Select Health Fund, Hospital and Surgeon details from pop-up lists.
  3. Choose your preferred fee basis (Fund/MBS/Rebate/DVA Time/Unit Value).
  4. Enter anaesthetic start and end times (or an estimated duration for quotes)
  5. Choose the appropriate MBS, ASA or DVA items and modifiers from the inbuilt RVG. Description and fees are entered automatically; you can also create your own non-MBS items if required.
  6. The Medicare, Health Fund and Out-of-pocket components are automatically calculated. If required, you can print a quote based on these details at the click of a button.
  7. Submit!

You can easily keep a track of payments through the eClaims screen with the software automatically identifying any unpaid invoices to be followed up.



Cutting Edge for Allied Health

Cutting Edge (Allied Health) has been adapted for the needs of allied health practitioners for the following claim types:

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)
  • Medicare claims
  • Bulk Bill claims
  • Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Transport Accident claims

Invoice creation is straightforward:

  1. Enter the Patient details.
  2. Select the Referral details from pop-up lists.
  3. Choose your preferred billing method (MBS/Rebate/DVA etc).
  4. Enter the appropriate DVA or MBS items. Description and fees are entered automatically; you can also create your own non-MBS items if required.
  5. Submit!



Cutting Edge for Surgery

Cutting Edge (Surgery) is ideal for Surgeons and Surgical Assistants. It calculates the correct fee, using the current schedules and multiple operation rules where appropriate. It can calculate the correct Surgeon’s or Assistant’s fee, using the current schedules for:

  • MBS
  • Gap Cover fees for every registered health fund (50+)
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Transport Accident authorities
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Invoice creation is straightforward:

  1. Enter the patient and operation details, with the surgical item numbers in any order.
  2. All MBS surgical items (with description and fees) are already stored, and you can also create your own non-MBS items if required.
  3. The appropriate multiple operation rule and multiplier are automatically applied.
  4. Submit!

The software can submit accounts electronically to Medicare, Veterans Affairs and all funds participating in ECLIPSE.



Concierge Service

As a part of your basic subscription, Cutting Edge support staff provide training and advice on the software, by email, phone and remote sessions. Should you require additional support for rejected, unpaid, part-paid, overdue accounts etc, Cutting Edge offers a premium Concierge Service. You can flag selected invoices and our experienced support staff will follow up on your behalf. For pricing and more information call us on 1300 237 638 or email





Pricing & Plans


You can get started with Cutting Edge today!

Pricing options for our software include a choice of annual or quarterly subscriptions. The Standard Edition includes Paperless DVA, Bulk Bill and Medicare claims only. For low use allied health providers we also now offer a Micro Edition which is totally free but limited to 5 electronic claims per month, please see the section below for more information.

The ECLIPSE-enabled Edition includes electronic claiming to participating private health funds, as well as all the claim types in the standard version.

Setup Fee

We charge a once-off setup fee upon registration. It is charged regardless of subscription type (monthly or annual) per site, not per provider. Prices exclude GST.

Micro Edition

For those allied health providers that only practice occasionally or have a very low volume of DVA or Medicare claims we now offer our Standard Edition completely free. See below for eligibility.

Standard Edition

Per Provider, Ex GST



Setup Fee: 

Assistant Edition

Per Provider, Ex GST



Setup Fee: 

Specialist Ed

Per Provider, Ex GST



Setup Fee: 

Free Edition Eligibility:

The free edition is limited to 5 claims and $1000 in revenue per month and has no batch invoicing functions. As long as your claiming remains below these two criteria the software is free to use. If your billing volume increases, just contact our sales team for information on moving to a regular subscription.



Payment Options

Available payment options are:

  • Credit Card via our secure payments page
  • From your bank account or credit card using BPay or direct debit options
  • Over the phone our sales staff (during office hours)

The software is registered to you and activated as soon as we receive payment. For payments other than Credit Card there will be a delay of 1 to 3 working days while the payment is processed.

Accepted Card Types

For Credit Card subscriptions we accept Visa and Mastercard


Refund Policy

We offer a free demonstration account so you can evaluate our software’s suitability for your needs. Because of this, refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Privacy policy

We do not share your personal information with anyone, ever. We do not retain your banking and credit card details unless you’ve requested a periodic Direct Debit Request (DDR) arrangement. For a copy of our privacy policy, Click Here

Terms and Conditions

The full Terms and Conditions for CESoft can be downloaded in PDF form, Click Here.




Contact Us


Please feel free to call us on 1300 CESOFT (1300 237 638) or Email if you have any enquiries.