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Electronic claiming for healthcare professionals

Why Choose Cutting Edge?

Zero installation

Everything you need is deployed from our secure server. All you need is a modern browser, such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Opera.

Always up to date

Each time you log in you get the latest version of the software and schedules. There's nothing for you to update. In addition, old schedules remain available for up to three years – the software uses the correct one for each fund based on date of service.

Live multi-user access

Invoice data can be added in advance from the convenience of your home or rooms, providers can then edit details on the go in theatre or in a home visit. Doctors and staff see the same data in real time - no need to synchronise back at the office.

Latest Medicare features

We are certified to use the Medicare Client Adaptor release 6. This allows for submission of online claims via ECLIPSE claims to funds, Medicare, BulkBill and streamlined paperless DVA, for procedures performed up to 2 years previous.

Get the Demo

We offer a full 30 day free trial of our software. Invoices cannot be submitted electronically until registration paperwork has been processed. Any invoices created can be submitted upon activation.